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2018-2019 RVAHA

By registering, agreeing to payment terms, and tendering payment in the form of player’s dues, you are acknowledging the fact that you fully understand that you are entering into a contractual obligation towards your financial responsibilities between yourself and the RVAHA.  It is also understood that if any unpaid balances becomes past due after 10 days from each due date, your account will be subject to a $25.00 late fee, &/or your account may be forwarded for collection.  If in fact the collection process was to occur, it is further understood that you will be solely responsible for any and all collection related expenses, fees, and charges.

It is fully understood that the dues for the 2016-2017 winter hockey season are as outlined below, and are payable before you may participate in any of the RVAHA functions for the season outlined.

Also, there are no refunds for any reason other than for missed games because of serious illness &/or injury, job relocation &/or transfers out of the immediate area.  It is understood that any form of refunds WILL be prorated, and any form of refunds or any other financial situation is at the sole discretion of the RVAHA Board of Directors.

This agreement, player dues, and content outlined, are for the 2016-2017 hockey season, and includes, but is not limited to, any and all related ice and non-ice related functions of the RVAHA during the season indicated herein.

General Information

The ROANOKE VALLEY ADULT HOCKEY ASSOCIATION (RVAHA) was established in the late 1960's to assist the growing number of adult age players in acquiring and providing for a venue to participate in the sport of ice hockey in an organized and controlled atmosphere.

Through the years, the RVAHA has seen many changes in its organization and structure, to the point where it has evolved today, as the Roanoke Valley’s “Advanced” division (or “A” league).  The level of play is for Advanced and Intermediate level of player abilities.

The RVAHA is an independent association with no true ties to any other organization or business(es) operating hockey
  programs in the Roanoke Valley.  It is one with-in itself, but does coordinate its efforts with other adult leagues in the area, as well as the facilities to which it conducts its games and other ice related activities.

This agreement has been created to insure everyone who participates with the RVAHA &/or its activities, understands and agrees with its focus and direction towards the game of hockey for the adult amateur player.

Under its current format and leadership, the RVAHA is entering into its 32nd season.  We are both very proud of our past accomplishments and very excited going into this season.


By joining the RVAHA, you are making it YOUR Association.  Realize that not only for your own enjoyment, but that of others around you that the Association is in place TO HAVE FUN at a competitive level.  If you have ideas or suggestions to make the Association or League better, make a board member or team captain aware of your ideas.  The RVAHA has accomplished a lot since its inception of the late 1960's, and it is only because of group efforts by its membership to better the Association.

If you are a returning player from last season or previous ones, WELCOME BACK! If you are new to the area, or just beginning to play in the RVAHA, we are glad you are joining.  To everyone, good luck this season, and remember, HAVE FUN and enjoy the game you are participating in and the group of individuals you are playing with and against.


1.) A governing Board of Directors is in place to fulfill administrative &/or other related management activities for the RVAHA.  This board of directors is comprised of 5 individuals, one of which is president of the association.  These individuals are voluntary in their responsibilities.

2.)The Board of Directors has exclusive right to determine number of teams, size of teams, appoint captains &/or coaches of teams, and approve seasonal budgets for the associations leagues and programs.  It has final right of approval in regards to any and all sanctioning &/or agreements made on the behalf of the RVAHA, as well as enforce decisions as forwarded by the disciplinary committee.

3.)Should the Board of Directors be indecisive on inconclusive towards any and all decisions regarding the RVAHA (tied votes), the President has final right of approval.

4.) The RVAHA has adopted a "NO FIGHT" policy for the league.  If any player (or players) chooses to create a situation that may be considered "fighting", they may be suspended &/or ejected not only from the game, but also the season, and without any recourse towards reimbursement or refund of dues paid for that season.  Any late season situations &/or suspension/ejection, may carry-over into the following RVAHA season, with a possible 10-game suspension, effective after the offending player(s) has registered and paid their seasonal dues for that following season they are then registering for.  This clause will be administered as outlined in Par. 2 and 3 above.

5.)The RVAHA is set up for friendly competitiveness, and by signing and initialing the agreement, you are acknowledging your acceptance towards any and all disciplinary actions the Board of Directors (or its appointed disciplinary committee) may deem necessary to insure that safe conduct is enforced for everyone.  This may include suspensions, possible fines, expulsion &/or banishment from the RVAHA and any of its activities, without reimbursement of any &/or all dues that may have been tendered for involvement for the RVAHA activity participating in.

6.)To be involved in or to participate with the RVAHA, membership is required by use of this agreement and any other related registration processes.

7.)Only pre-appointed Board members or other duly authorized individuals may schedule any activity, or make schedule changes for RVAHA activities.

8.)It is not the responsibility of the RVAHA to teach or otherwise explain the flow of the game of ice hockey during the course of any actual game activity.  It is each player/members responsibility to be aware of rule changes on the National level that may affect game play with-in the RVAHA.  The RVAHA adopts the Senior Rules as established by USA HOCKEY, with modification as approved by the Board of Directors.  Any concerns or questions regarding interpretation of actual playing rules needs to be addressed to your team captain, who then may proceed to the Board for clarification. Explanations WILL NOT occur during game play.

9.)The RVARA has adopted a directive towards 'ZERO Tolerance” (w/ attachment), and other established sportsmanship guidelines.

10.)     Each member agrees to abide by all rules and policy guidelines as established by each facility/building to which  the RVAHA participates in, including equipment requirements (see attachment) -

11.)Your RVAHA conduit for information &/or questions is your team captain &/or team manager.  After the season begins, make all correspondences to these individuals first.

12.)The RVAHA is a competitive league.  Therefore, please be aware focus may be on winning, and even though we as a group promote equal ice time, there may be situations that may cause for the 'best' players to be on the ice more than others are.  Again, team play is promoted and desired, but not guaranteed.

13.)You are responsible for your own safety.  Skate, participate, and play at your own risk!

14.)It is understood by each member of the RVAHA that any and all monies collected in the way of 'player dues' go the operation of league games &/or other related activities.  In general, these dues pay for ice time, on and off-ice officials, administration, insurance requirements, and any other related expenses in the form of league equipment needs (pucks) &/or informational handouts.

It is further understood that these disbursements when required are made at the sole discretion &/or direction of the RVAHA Board of Directors, or any of its duly appointed and otherwise authorized entities.

15.)It is also understood that any dues for membership rendered are to be used and disbursed, as outlined in par. 13.) above, for the "HOUSE LEAGUE" only.  Costs for any other activity are to be paid for outside the preset membership dues (i.e. travel teams, city-to-city tournaments, practices, etc.)

**Note:  Players only need to print and sign the Registration and Release, but make sure you review The Equipment, Penalty Addendum and Zero tolerance policies. Your signature on the Release acknowledges you have read and agree to these policies.

Zero Tolerance Policy

Penalty Addendum

Equipment Requirements

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